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Idaho Lion Hunts

Between elk/deer season and bear season, lion hunting is a great sport to get into, and probably the most fun! We hunt from November until the end of February. Mountain lions are a hard animal to spot; therefore they require well trained hounds to hunt them.

Our area allows you to hunt up to 2 lions per hunter; Idaho’s lion numbers have been on the rise for the last few years giving hunters an excellent opportunity to harvest a mature Tom.

We will try to schedule your hunt for the week your choice, but we ask that you be somewhat flexible. The best weather to hunt in is a light snowfall, or after a snow storm has hit. As long as there is snow on the ground, our dogs can run a lion.

We use snowmobiles, at times we have even gone in on horseback, whatever it takes to get you into the lions territory. We have all up-to-date radios/satellite phones for communication and dog tracking equipment. This allows us to make the most out of your time while hunting and ensures that no time is spent looking for lost dogs.

Depending on weather and lion activity, your stay will be in a cabin or in a tent. Our backcountry camps are very comfortable with a heat, table, chairs and cots with pads for your added comfort. All meals are provided.

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Price per Hunter:

2nd Lion an additional $1000
Bobcats are an additional $500

(Lion tags are GUARANTEED)
Lion Tag....$31.75
2nd Lion Tag....$31.75

6% Sales tax
3% Forest Service Use fee
7-10 % Gratuity for your guide