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Elk Hunting

We hunt in the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return in Idaho. 

The Bulls in this beautiful rugged country are not as educated to bugeling as in many other areas. This Wilderness area offers outstanding opportunities for taking trophy class animals. There is little to no hunting pressure on game in this area. It is not uncommon to see any other hunters during your entire hunting trip.

 Camp is neat and comfortable with wood stove heated wall tents, cots, and carpeted floors.

Our camps are located far enough away from the areas the elk frequent, yet close enough to hunt to on foot every day.  We  normally keep little to no livestock in camp.  When we first started outfitting, we would keep all the horses and mules in camp and we always found ourselves having to hunt further and further from camp every year.  Our strategy now days is to go undetected.  This is easier accomplished without a herd of horses and mules in camp.  It is not uncommon to have elk less than a 1/2 mile from a quiet camp.  Many of my competitors keep a heard of mules and horses in camp.  They also have to wake up  2 hours earlier to saddle stock and ride 1 hour in the dark to be in position to hunt the elk that wouldn't tolerate their loud camp

 If there's two things I've learned about elk hunting over the years, they  are  elk don't like people and they hate getting shot.

We have many requests for groups of 4-6 hunters in a camp.  We understand one of the big reasons for hunting is for the comradity of friends and we will gladly accommodate groups of 4.  We prefer groups of 2 hunters per camp.  If you are a group of 6, please consider 3 groups of 2.  This is less profitable for us, but always produces higher hunter success. 

 We are committed to helping our hunters go home with an elk.  Our camps and advice are all centered around this commitment.  Not the almighty dollar.

Idaho Elk Hunts
Our Idaho hunts are September Rifle Hunts
during the rut. Camps are very remote. There is a limited amount of hunters we can take, these hunts fill up fast!



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